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Gary L. McKnight


Gary Mcknight...

is a life long resident of McAlester. After serving as a 1LT in the Unites States Army for two years, returned to open his own practice in McAlester in 1968, then he spent a year as Assistant District Attorney for Pittsburg County in 1970 and owns McKnight Realty Co. He has renovated the Tom Hale Home, a historic home in McAlester (pictured below), that was once used as his office and his residence. When he has time left over from his practice, Gary hits the open road on his Harley Davidson motorcycle or sailing the high seas.

Tom Hale Home, McAlester, Oklahoma

Tom Hale Home, McAlester, Oklahoma

Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight

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Getting to know Gary McKnight...

I became a lawyer because...I wanted to be able to help people who cannot help themselves, either because of lack of experience or resources. I opened my own office because I wanted to be able to choose to represent people and causes that I believe in.
What I like most about the law is... obtaining a just result for my clients and knowing that I have helped them accomplish goals which they may not have been able to reach without my help.

When you need an want an attorney who has your best interest at heart and who will represent you like he would want to be represented if the shoe was on the other foot. He should not have any conflict of interest with you or your case and he should be honest. 

My most rewarding case was...A friend came to me to get her affairs in order because she had received bad news about her health and was concerned that her former spouse would try to control her daughter's inheritance for his own benefit. I prepared a will and durable power of attorney appointing her trusted friend as her Personal Representative and Attorney in Fact and placing her estate in trust for the daughter. As predicted, the former spouse attempted to gain control of her estate against her wishes. We were able to successfully counter all his challenges and preserve the estate for the daughter. Had we not properly prepared these documents, the former spouse could have been able to control the estate against her wishes.

What makes Gary McKnight different from other lawyers...I believe I have a reputation for honesty and integrity in my representation of clients. I have quite a few clients who I first met as the opposing party in one of my cases. The next time they needed legal counsel, instead of going back to their old attorney, they came to me. It's unusual, as often you build resentment against your opposing attorney, however, they apparently decided they liked what they saw and chose me to represent them from that time on. If I had to attempt another profession, I would try...Well, I have an engineering degree and lots of experience in building and development, but I can not imagine doing any thing else but practicing law. Perhaps, being a captain on a 40 foot catamaran somewhere in the Caribbean...

My favorite quote is...It’s a long road that never turns.

My favorite book is...Anything by Dan Jenkins because he has a unique way of telling a story like an Okie would tell it.

My favorite sport’s team is...Oklahoma University Football. NO MORE need be said. 

My favorite music is...Jimmy Buffett, Jerry Jeff Walker, Robert Earl Keen

A sound or noise I love is...the rumble of my Harley

Outside of my family, my most treasured belonging Harley. My favorite daydream or fantasy is...Being able to sail or ski or ride anytime I want without a schedule. 

When not at work, I enjoy... Harley riding, snow skiing, traveling and sailing.