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In my 53+ years of legal practice, I’ve helped many people just like you. Clients who needed to make a will. Friends with elderly parents who needed some estate planning or information on guardianship. People who needed advice on negotiating a mineral lease. I was born and raised in McAlester and, if we haven’t met yet, I hope we can work together to resolve your legal problem.

It doesn’t take much common sense to realize that legal questions cover some of the most personal and important issues affecting your life and business and that you need very specific answers to meet your particular legal needs. I would hate to pass you on the street knowing I had merely provided a skin- deep solution to a legal concern that had a significant impact on your business or family. I am a life­long resident of this community and I provide experienced legal services at a fair and reasonable price to all of my clients.

The main focus of my practice has always been Wills and Probate, including Living Trusts, Estate Planning, Oil and Gas leasing and Mineral law.

Don’t let your hard ­earned money go to the wrong person. You owe it to your family to make these important financial plans. Check out the Wills and Estates questionnaire and FAQ’s. We can protect your estate from undue tax burdens as well as help plan the care of elderly family members or minor children. Remember that we all have a will, but it was written by the state legislature. What are the chances that they wrote it like you want it? 

With the current boom in drilling for Natural Gas, there are many questions that clients have regarding leasing of their mineral rights. I have been very successful in obtaining a fair price for leases and in negotiating important terms in the leases that the drilling companies always seem to forget to offer the inexperienced. Contact me when you first hear from an oil company regarding your minerals.

I have also been successful in selling mineral rights, although I always urge clients not to sell unless you have a very good reason to do so

I have personal experience in real estate development and oil and gas investment and will be happy to provide knowledgeable advice on the many agreements and problems that arise in these areas. 

If you are beginning a new business and want to set up a Limited Liability Corporation or other business entity. If you are a business requiring agreements and contracts. I will use my years of experience working with a number of local banks and businesses on these matters and to provide legal services at a rate which will furnish good value for your money.

My long time right hand and paralegal, Winnie, and I look forward to meeting you and serving your legal needs.

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