Energy Law Oil, Gas and Mineral interests

You may be contacted from time to time by energy companies interested in leasing your interests. You should have me review the leases before you sign them. Many times they contain clauses that can be harmful to your best interests. Also I have a set of clauses I require oil companies to include which are very beneficial to you as the lessor.

I have developed an extensive network of landmen and have been very successful in helping my clients obtain more money than they were initially offered to lease, as well as better lease terms.

You also may receive documents from the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, (pooling notices; spacing orders, etc.). You should always have them reviewed by an attorney to determine how they will effect you and your interests. For instance, Pooling Orders need to be responded to by yourself with a small window of time and failure to do so can cause you to loose money and other rights. These documents can be confusing if you don’t have knowledge and experience in that area.

You may receive a Division Order for your interests, (1) if the operator drills a new well; and (2) if there is a change in operator. In the event that you do receive new division orders, I would urge you to allow me to review them prior to signing as they may contain wording or clauses that could prove harmful to your best interests. Also, should you execute the Division Order without full knowledge that the interest contained therein is correct, you could be paid royalties based on an erroneous decimal interest.
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